Grow and manage members

Grow your group efficiently

Add new members without adding more work

Collect waiver signatures. Rest assured that all members have signed your waiver. Heylo makes it easy to sign from an app or computer and restricts access to only those who sign. Signatures are stored on profiles, so you can refer back anytime.

Give full access, right away.
With your events and member benefits on Heylo, new members are immediately plugged-in to your group.

Integrate with your other tools.
Automatically pass your member emails to Mailchimp or other tools you use. No more copying and pasting!

Remove caps.
Unlike group chats, there is no limit to how large your group can grow on Heylo.


Of members create a profile on Heylo to share with their group

Start introducing new members right when they join your group.

Joining a new group can be daunting. Heylo eases the tension by facilitating member introductions.

Make introductions with profiles. Member profiles help everyone get to know each other (and help you remember names)! Members can add their photo and background to their profile for you and other members to see.

Break the ice. Start the conversation before your next event. Customize icebreakers for member profiles, like “hometown” to “upcoming races,” to facilitate introductions.

Find common interests.
Members can also add “interests” to their profiles to unlock similarities and find overlapping interests.

Recognize your VIPs.
Add titles to your leadership team profiles, like “Vice President” or “Treasurer.” They are prioritized as Leadership on your members screen.

Leader, San Francisco Beach Volleyball
"Originally we used a Whatsapp group, but moving to Heylo has made our community more inclusive."

Inviting your members to Heylo is a breeze

Send individual invitations by pasting emails or copying a direct link to a text.

If you are inviting your whole group, you can copy and paste your link anywhere your group communicates, like a newsletter or Facebook. Or, use Heylo's bulk import tools to send individual email invitations to all your members! Group leaders can also invite members through their group events too.

Heylo is available for all your members

From browser to app, Heylo is there for your group