Offer a modern paid membership

Offer a modern paid membership

People value what they pay for

A recurring paid membership is more than just a regular payment. It builds a better community. It encourages members to show up more frequently, engage and give back.

Save yourself from the time and hassle of collecting money

Recurring. Your members won’t have to “join the club” every year. Heylo tracks when members sign up and bills automatically thereafter.

Add new members in January or June. Heylo will track when they joined and bill them at the appropriate frequency.

No more emails about memberships or expired cards! Heylo handles all the reminders and follow-ups for you! When your members want to cancel, they simply open the Heylo app and press the button.

Control access.
Don’t worry about removing prior members from different platforms. Your group on Heylo can be limited to paying members only, so if someone cancels, they are removed automatically.
When your members sign up for modern services, like Netflix or Spotify, they add payment once with their card of choice and cancel when they choose, right from their phone. Now with Heylo you can offer that same modern membership without the email blasts and payment follow-ups!

Of paid members on Heylo retain after 1 month

Stress-free membership payments

Payments that delight your members

With Heylo, your paid membership is hassle-free

Multiple plans

Free trials

Initiation fees

In-app payment

Case Study: Electric Athletic Club

"Our #1 painpoint was managing paid membership. It's hard to ask people for money and annoying to chase down your friends. Now on Heylo, it’s all digitized! It eliminates all that administrative headache, which is invaluable."

Josh Goldman

Cofounder, Electric Athletic Club

Get insights in the moment

Real-time analytics keep you up to date with your paid membership