Social Connection

Build camaraderie with your group

A strong community improves your events and actually saves you time

Communication on Heylo is custom-built for groups.

Discover shared interests. Instead of one massive group chat, or hidden “channels,” chats on Heylo chats are organized into topics. From “gear and tech” to “The Bachelorette,” members can create and join the chat topics most interesting to them! Nothing gets too noisy, and no one feels left out.

Communicate in real-time. Synchronous communication, like texting, is critical for last minute logistics and connection among members.

Modern chat. Heylo has all the modern chat features you need, like reactions, replies and high-quality photo sharing.

Direct messaging. Like having everyone’s phone number at your fingertips, you can send a direct message to any member, anytime. It’s integrated with email too if they prefer no app notifications.

Members won’t distract your group

Group leaders have reserved space on Heylo to communicate important information

Dedicated communication space. Group leaders do not have to compete for space with member chats and posts. “Announcements” are a dedicated to group leaders only for sharing critical info. It’s integrated with email too, so you can have the confidence that everyone can be reached.

Keep your group safe. Group leaders create the space for members to connect, and Heylo gives you the tools to keep it safe. As a group admin, you access safety and security tools like deleting any message, topic, or event, whether you created it or not, or removing any member.

Prioritize privacy. Keep member personal information private, like emails and phone numbers. Members are not required to share their personal contact with other members just to communicate on Heylo.


Of members socialize on Heylo every week

Jenni Dubman
Cofounder, Nth Degree Athletic Club
"Heylo was great when we were organizing, meeting and having conversations. Now, it's the only reason we have been able to continue our group. With Heylo, it still feels like we can be part of our community even when we can’t be together."