Student group leaders can still recruit with Heylo.

Groups are better on Heylo.

Heylo makes it easy and fun to bring your group together.

Even with tons of tools, managing your group still isn't easy. 

Group communication lacks connection.

Meaningful relationships are not built with unread emails, muted texts and irrelevant social media posts.

Organizing is exhausting.

There isn't one place to share important info with your group.

Personalization is missing.

Groups should be fun. Leave the work software at work!

Heylo makes massive group chats a thing of the past.

Group messaging organized by topic. Create new topics and join others. Goodbye to overwhelming notifications!

Group-wide announcements. A dedicated space for group admins to quickly reach out to the whole group on Heylo and via email too.

Heylo makes event planning easy.

Easily access key info. List event details and video links directly in Heylo, and promote them to your group via email too! Members can RSVP and everyone can see who's going in advance.

Dedicated chats. Event-specific chats help those who RSVP stay in-the-know about all the latest event details.

Heylo keeps your group active, connected, and fun!

Go beyond bios. Custom member profiles for your group help everyone get to know each other!

Photos for everyone. Anyone can upload group photos for all group members to download and share.

At home or on the go, Heylo helps you stay connected with your group.

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