Heylo Entrepreneurship Internship

Get startup experience and make an impact at your school

Title: Heylo Entrepreneurship Intern
Dates: August 23, 2021 to October 22, 2021
Commitment: 5 hours per week, paid and remote

At Heylo we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be a part of a great group. However, too many students struggle to find the right one and feel disconnected.

Heylo is here to change that.

We're not a social media company. Instead, we build technology that helps groups meet in person. Our goal is to build better groups that create genuine relationships at a time when students need it the most.

Heylo Entrepreneurship Interns will partner with us to bring Heylo to their school. Along the way, they will work directly with our founders and learn the foundations of entrepreneurship — bringing a product from an idea to a reality.

This internship IS NOT for students who only want to read, consult or complete case studies. This internship IS for students who want to learn by doing, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and make a positive change in the real world.

About Heylo

Student leaders do so much for their campus organizations. Yet they have to cobble together tons of tools just to keep their group running. Members get separated across multiple Facebook groups, spreadsheets, chats, and emails.

Unlike Facebook and GroupMe, Heylo is built for groups who meet. Student leaders can plan events with RSVPs, waitlists, and check-ins to track attendance and record streaks. Members can meet each other with custom profiles and organized chats. All in one app, built for groups, that puts student privacy first.

Heylo will help students grow an amazing organization on campus.


Lead Heylo on your campus

Help onboard initial groups to Heylo

Conduct user research with students to develop new product features

Communicate weekly with the Heylo co-founders and fellow interns

Act as a liaison between the Heylo co-founders and student group leaders

Create and execute a go-to-market plan


Work directly with Heylo's ex-Google co-founders

Learn how to bring a new product to market

Develop product management skills

Build your network with Heylo team members, leaders on your campus, and other interns

Flexible, remote, and paid internship

Referrals or recommendations for future jobs in startups, venture capital, or the tech industry


Seeking student leaders who are team players

Lead, or are poised to lead, a student group

Have a great network on campus

Demonstrated the ability to work on a team

Believe in the Heylo mission and the importance of student groups

About You

You are a positive and compassionate go-getter

Entrepreneurship interest. You have grit and can handle the ups and downs of a startup

Self starter. You do not need specific direction or motivation to get things done

Team player. You appreciate sharing and learnings from others and take feedback well

Growth mindset. You are striving to improve