San Francisco Beach Volleyball

Paid events hold everyone accountable

"I could have gone back to France, but the thing that makes me want to stay in San Francisco is continuing to build the San Francisco Beach Volleyball community."


Co-Leader, San Francisco Beach Volleyball

Romain got hooked on volleyball when he moved to Paris. Previously he played other sports and was skeptical when a few friends invited him to a beach volleyball court. And then he quickly became addicted.

For Romain, beach volleyball is more than just a workout. It's an opportunity to meet great people. The community is supportive beyond games. Members don't just come and play once; they hang out and organize multiple games or cheer on others.

The community triggered Romain to formalize San Francisco Beach Volleyball. Beyond playing volleyball, group members contribute skill training, equipment, photography and designs for the logo and website.

Before Heylo, Romain and his team communicated in a 200 person Whatsapp group and advertised events Meetup. To estimate event sizes, there was a spreadsheet for members to register.

"Heylo is so nice because we can limit the number of members at our events. We only so many coaches. It's made planning really convenient for me."

Romain, Co-Leader of San Francisco Beach Volleyball

When San Francisco Beach Volleyball held their first paid event, Romain and the leadership team had some concern about lower attendance. But the day before the event, all 50 available spots were claimed for $10 each, and 49 out of 50 showed up!

Organizing volleyball events takes time to coordinate players, set up equipment and bring in staff. Space is limited, and no-shows frustrate the leaders and unfairly treat other members. Now with paid events on Heylo, San Francisco Beach Volleyball charges for clinics and tournaments. Upfront payment holds members accountable and funds the leadership team to improve the experience for everyone.

"Topics have been super helpful. Our members use topics to schedule pickup games, like getting another player if they only have 3 for Thursday."


Co-Leader, San Francisco Beach Volleyball

Being a part of the group on Heylo also gives members access to volleyball aficionados around the city. For less formal games, San Francisco Beach Volleyball members use topics on Heylo to organize. If anyone is looking for an additional player, or another team, the real-time chat connects players to coordinate games.

In the long run, San Francisco Beach Volleyball's impact on members motivates Romain to continue to organize games and clinics. It's valuable to a lot of people. And it's really rewarding to lead.

"I have never done something that is so good for the community. [With San Francisco Beach Volleyball] I get to do something more meaningful."

Romain, Co-Leader of San Francisco Beach Volleyball