Incentives aligned with you

Free to organize

Only pay Heylo when you get paid



per month

10% platform fee on payments collected

Best for free groups or less than ~$2k per month collected



per month

2% platform fee on payments collected

Best for groups collecting over ~$2k per month




Custom platform fee on payments collected

Best for organizations with multiple groups or chapters
Platform fee is incremental to credit card processing fees from Stripe of 2.9% + $0.30.

Calculate your net payment

Inclusive of Heylo platform fees and Stripe payment processing fees.

Platform fees align incentives with you

We are only successful when you are successful

You can use Heylo for free. You only pay platform fees when Heylo helps you collect money. Heylo shares the incentive to help you earn money and keep your group sustainable. Your customer becomes our customer too, and together we can create an incredible experience to retain your members.