June 9, 2021

Add hosts to your events

Now on Heylo you can add hosts to your events!

Event hosts run the show. Beyond planning, hosts set the tone and create the event culture. They are the event guides. Whether the event is spiritual, funny, or focused, hosts make the space for members to join, connect and benefit from the event.

New members have the most to gain from event hosts. Showing up to your events for the first time can be daunting. The anxiety comes from uncertainty. Now with event hosts listed in Heylo, you can make it clear who’s in charge before events begin.

Hosts can be leaders of the group, but they can also be members leading a specific event. Listing event hosts on Heylo can clarify who’s in charge and who can help answer questions. On Heylo, event hosts can also edit the event and take attendance.

Our groups have leaders, and now our events can too!