October 7, 2021

Immediately engage your members with Heylo’s email integration

Heylo’s email integration is the most effective way to reach all your members and keep them engaged.

On Heylo, you can instantly email all of your members with your most important announcements and events right from your mobile phone. Add your member emails to Heylo, and they can receive your communications without even signing up.

Emails from Heylo are beautifully formatted and intentionally designed to engage your members. Your announcements include your profile photo and group logo. Your events include a photo, key information like time and location, and even profile pictures of people who have RSVP’d.  Emails are sent from your own dedicated Heylo URL, like “yourgroup.announcements@heylo.co”.

In addition to instantaneous emails, your members can receive a weekly email summarizing the key information from your group. Every Sunday, Heylo will automatically organize and send your summary email to all your members, so you don’t need to rush home to your computer to meet a deadline. The email includes upcoming events for the week, member RSVPs, new member profile highlights, and top photos

To get started, add all your member emails to your group on Heylo and try a few email actions:

Make a welcome announcement

As a group leader on Heylo, the Announcement topic is your dedicated space to share your most important information. Only you and your other group admins have announcement privileges. When you send your announcement, you can choose to send it via email as well as in-app. If sent by email, everyone will get your message in a beautifully formatted email, even if they haven’t joined Heylo yet.

Add an important upcoming event.

Heylo ensures all your critical event info is available for all of your members. When you create an event on Heylo, you can choose to notify all your members by email too. Your event is formatted into a beautiful email with the time, date, location, and any other key information needed to attend. A summary of those who RSVP’d will be included as well. Furthermore, recipients have a clear action to come RSVP so you can see everyone who’s attending in advance. Each event has its own chat to start engaging your members before your event starts and easily share photos after.

Automate your weekly emails

Heylo sends a weekly email summary to your members, even if they have not yet signed up. The weekly summary includes upcoming events, new members, and the top photos from the prior week.

With Heylo, you can trust that your member emails are held securely and privately. You can export your member emails anytime, and integrate with another email service like Mailchimp. Heylo will never sell your member’s data to another third party. Heylo is also compliant with common email guidelines, and your members can unsubscribe at any time.

Group leaders love using Heylo’s email integration because they only need to post their key information once and choose to send in-app or by email too. Emails from Heylo include your logo, photo, and group name to keep consistent with your group’s brand. No more copying and pasting across platforms and apps! You can also use Heylo from your mobile app or computer, so wherever you are, you can always reach and engage your members over email.