December 15, 2022

Sell more gear with Heylo πŸ›

Bring your branded gear or sponsors directly to your members!

Your members visit Heylo everyday for your calendar and communications. Now you can add your gear store so they can easily shop from Heylo. Or, add a partner brand that supports your group and bring your members to their shop.

Link your store in Heylo, and your members will have direct access to visit and shop. You can share a discount code as a member benefit, and Heylo makes it easy for your members to copy the code and use it at checkout.

Heylo can also be integrated with Shopify. You can automatically pass member emails to your Shopify store and verify discount codes, and you can automatically add tags to allocate discounts and track analytics in Shopify.

Whether it’s your branded gear, or a key sponsor for your group, bring your gear in front of your members and sell more stuff!