April 30, 2021

Grow your group by onboarding new members through your events

For new members, deciding to join your event is easier than deciding to join your group.

Most new members join a group after they experience it. When joining a new group, the group's culture, activities, benefits, and costs are all important factors to consider.

Events, on the other hand, have less friction. People attend concerts, for instance, without knowing the other participants. Joining an event can be as simple as hanging with friends or sharing an experience. Instead of asking your new members to commit to your group, consider asking them to join your next event.

New members will now have less friction to join your group's events on Heylo. Uncertainties like not knowing the location, or if anyone else is attending, can easily deter new members. Instead, you can share a special invitation link from your event on Heylo, and recipients will receive everything they need to participate, all from their browser. App downloads are not required.

The link includes the name, date, time, and image of the event. When pressed, new members see your event in all its beauty with the basic info to join. Instead of downloading an app, new members can RSVP right from their phone or computer browser. Even if you have a waiver or your event is paid, they can complete sign-up and meet other attendees, message in the event chat, and even join your group thereafter... frictionless.

Members can share event invitations too (members share event invitations 3x more than leaders across all groups on Heylo!) Note, if you need more control over who can attend your events, you can simply disable event sharing in your group.

Growing our groups is so important following 2020. Let us know if sharing your events helps by email us at support@heylo.co!