December 20, 2021

Host events for members and guests alike

"We need better event planning tools."

That was the first feedback from group leaders on Heylo. Events bring our group members together. Let's make events amazing on Heylo!

Events on Heylo are easy and fun to join. Leaders post event details on Heylo in seconds and members see who else is going with RSVPs. Adding profiles and event chats made events social before they start and after they end.

Until now, only your group members join Heylo events. New people cannot sign up for your event without becoming a member of your group. The rule helps grow your group, but public events are painful to host. A holiday party with significant others or a trip with friends challenge organizers.

Events on Heylo now support RSVPs from non-member guests. When you create a new event on Heylo, toggle "Members and guests." New people can join your event without joining your group. They can RSVP, create a profile, see who else is going, and join the event chat too. Joining your group is optional.

Public events on Heylo simplify signups. Use one event link to share to Facebook, Instagram, text, email, etc., and get one place to organize. RSVPs and profiles help everyone meet and see who else is going, even if they aren't members. One event chat helps coordinate last-minute logistics or share photos after.

Instead of many platforms, create your next public event on Heylo and share your link. You'll bring all your people together, even if they aren't your group members.