May 9, 2023

Introducing your group link - Designed to seamlessly grow your group.

Converting new members from a social media “follow” to actually showing up at your events can be a challenge. On average, we estimate only 3% of a group's social media followers show up to group events. That leaves the other 97% out!

This week we’re launching your group link on Heylo. Your group link contains all the information that someone new needs to attend your next event and join your group. With your link, new members can learn about your group, view your group photo, and see profiles of your leadership team. Additionally, they can preview all of your upcoming events, organized by date, and take the next step to join.

Your group link is customizable so you can add your brand. Additionally, Heylo automatically updates your link with your group's most up-to-date information so you never need to update new links for new events or new team members.

If you’re worried about space limitations, Instagram bios now support up to five links! Add your group link into your social media bios, email newsletters, or website, and you can simplify sign ups for new members and make it event easier for them to engage with your community.

As always, we welcome your feedback! Try it out and let us know what you think. Together, we can build stronger, more engaged communities.