January 18, 2024

Multiple event prices

When you organize your blockbuster events, Heylo will help you increase accessibility maximize ticket revenues with multiple prices prices for your event.

Instead of offering one flat price per event, you can now offer multiple price options for members. Multiple prices empower you to customize and optimize your event. You can make your event more accessible to members, or add a premium price to generate more revenue.

Here are ways groups use multiple prices for their big events:

  • Donations. Offer a donation option to collect voluntary contributions for your event! Members can opt to donate and pay the higher amount if they’d like.
  • Premium. Add a “VIP” or higher-end experience for members that want to join and receive extra benefits
  • Member benefit. Drop your price for your members and add a higher price for the general public
  • Add-on. Don’t stop once event ends! Use an add-on to keep bringing people together, whether it’s an after-party or post-event meal.

Every member of your group is unique, with different needs and circumstances. Multiple pricing empowers you to cater to your group’s diversity, ensuring that your events are more inclusive and accommodating, while also maximizing your event revenue. Each price tier can be customized with its own description, making it easy to explain the perks or reasons for different pricing.

Here’s how you can set up offer multiple prices:

  1. Create a new event
  2. Add another registration
  3. Set your price and brief description
  4. Publish your event

That’s it! If it’s your first event, just link your account to direct where the money should go. Payouts are automatic, every Friday, net of fees.