December 27, 2023

New event views: Calendar and past event scroll

Events on Heylo are beautiful. They are filled with people, pictures and chats. But navigating to the right one could feel like a maze.

Now Heylo has new ways to view your events with a monthly calendar view and past event scroll to effortlessly view and plan all your group events.

Here are a few benefits to using Heylo’s new event views:

Instant Overview. Tapping the calendar icon and you see a sleek, intuitive calendar layout. This view displays both future and past events in a classic monthly look. Reaching an event 9 months away is a breeze.

Event templates. Navigate to a past event to use as your next event template. It’s a great way to leverage past descriptions and locations.

Seamless Navigation. Gone are the days of endless swiping to find an event from three months ago. With just a scroll up, you can travel back in time to revisit recent events. It's like having an event time machine at your fingertips.

Clarity for planning. Visualize your event calendar like never before, planning ahead with ease. See which days have events, which days don’t, and optimize your planning as best for your group’s schedule. Members can also peek into next month's activities without the hassle of scrolling.

Today at a Tap: Lost in the past? A quick tap on the “today” button brings you back to the present.

Event navigation is fundamental to getting together. Now with Heylo, event navigation is a breeze and your group is super-organized. Welcome to the new era of community building on Heylo!