May 12, 2021

Some info deserves more than a chat message

Some information for your group stays relevant over time. Discount codes, sponsor links, or music playlists are all important for members, but they can be difficult to access when they are buried in chats, websites, and emails.

Now they have a home with "pages" on Heylo. Pages live on the content tab. You can use pages to store important information for your members. Beyond text, each page has dedicated space for a link that is easy (and good-looking) for your members to find and visit.

From training plans to instructional videos, pages keep information organized and beautiful for your group. Create pages in the app or on the web, and members will be notified when new pages are created. Adding a new member? They can easily access all your prior pages too.

Here are five ways groups are using pages:

1) If your group has a discount or sponsor, add an image and link to their website in a Page. Discount codes can live in the text section. You can add tracking links as well so your partners see how many visits are coming from your members.

2) Playlists from Spotify or Soundcloud can now be found! Include the playlist link in your page and direct your members to click through for music.

3) Training plans can be difficult to copy and paste into Heylo. Just link to your training spreadsheet or platform directly from Pages.

4) Do new members need a little help getting up to speed? Add helpful YouTube videos or written articles to help them learn.

5) Add your community guidelines, so members can easily reference them when needed. Tell us how you use Pages by replying here — feedback as always is welcome!