January 23, 2024

Private events

Some events are best suited for only select members of your group. Leadership team dinners, board meetings, and games with advanced players require an additional level of privacy that goes beyond the full group.

Now on Heylo you can host private events with your group on Heylo!

Group leaders can create exclusive events accessible to only selected members. Private events are restricted by role - only members with that role can see and sign up for the event. And they indeed stay private - without the role, members cannot see the event or join the event chat. Private events ensure that some get togethers remain focused and more intimate.

Private events help you also stage event role out. Start with your event as private to give priority access by role, and then make it public over time.

Benefits of private events:

  1. Enhanced Privacy: Private Events ensure that sensitive or niche topics can be discussed in a secure, closed environment.
  2. Targeted Engagement: By creating events for specific segments of your community, you can ensure more meaningful engagement and participation.
  3. Increased Value: Exclusive events can add a sense of prestige and value to your community, making membership more desirable.
  4. Flexibility in Community Building: Tailor your events to meet the needs and interests of different subgroups within your community.

Use-cases for private events:

  • Roll out events to a handful of members first, and then to the broader group
  • Leadership meetings
  • Games for advanced players
  • Thank you dinners for coaches
  • Exclusive events for paid members

How private events work:

  1. Use Roles to organize your members
  2. Create an event and change the visibility to Private
  3. Add the roles you’d like to participate
  4. Publish event!

With private events, Heylo furthers its commitment to providing versatile and user-friendly tools for leaders. As Heylo evolves, it remains dedicated to innovating in ways that strengthen communities and enrich the experiences of members.