March 10, 2021

With your waiver on Heylo, you can sleep a little easier đź’¤

Now waivers can be collected from your members on Heylo!

Wait… what’s a waiver anyway, and why does it matter? When handled appropriately, waivers do matter. A waiver helps your members understand the potential risks associated with your group’s activities and can “waive” your liability if accidents happen. In the US, waiver regulations vary state, but they are enforceable in 47 out of 50 states (sorry, group leaders, in Virginia, Montana, and Louisiana).

Having a waiver doesn’t mean no one can ever sue you. A waiver won’t help if you do something really out of bounds (e.g. gross negligence). But if someone gets hurt and decides to sue you in the normal course, a waiver could protect you.

Previously, collecting waiver signatures required tedious administrative work. Members need ample time to read and sign the waiver, and they should have an option to back out if they are uncomfortable or feeling pressured. When signing online, the waiver document needs to be marked and recoverable by both parties -- just having a link somewhere on your website isn’t sufficient.

With your waiver on Heylo, you can rest assured that all your members have appropriately accepted your waiver. When you upload your waiver to Heylo, your members will be asked to read, understand and accept your waiver terms. If they decide not to proceed, access to your group is restricted. If they come to one of your events anyways, you’ll see that your waiver hasn’t been completed when you take attendance. And if there is ever an issue, you can check when any member accepted your waiver and recover the document as needed.

The likelihood that you get sued by one of your members is low. But, accidents do happen! Now that you can collect waivers on Heylo, add your waiver and rest a little easier. Like Sebastopol the dog.