Heylo helps your group meet in-person

Like your best in-person events, Heylo brings your group members together. Get a space on Heylo for your members to meet each other, join your upcoming events and belong.

Join the Student Early Access program

Are you a leader and an innovator who wants to improve your group? Partner with our co-founders through the Student Early Access Program, and together we will build a product that students love.

Create connections

The #1 reason why people join groups is the other people they meet

🏔 Icebreakers. Custom profile prompts help your members connect with one another like “hometown”, “major” or “classes"

🔍 Member search.
Search across all your members to find common interests or get help

🎖 Titles. Grant titles to recognize your leadership team and exceptional members

🏆 Leaderboard.
Check-in members, and top participants are prioritized on the members screen

Member directory

Host engaging events

Members show up for events when they know who else is going.

👍 RSVPs and attendance. Know who's coming in advance and connect with attendees after

💬 Event chat. Get a dedicated chat to plan logistics and engage attendees before and after your event

📆 Calendar integration. Add event details directly to personal calendars

✋ Caps and waitlists. Set an attendance cap for your event, and a waitlist is automatically managed for you

Event planning

Communicate like you're in person

Chat on Heylo is custom built for groups to stay engaged

🗂 Chats organized by topic. Replace one big chat with chats organized by topic

📢 Announcements. Admins have a space to reach everyone in the group even if they don't have the app installed

Organized chat

Stay organized

Improve access to your most important information

📸 Photos. Store all your group photos for your members to easily download and share

📂 Share content. Save critical member info, like your community guidelines or discounts

🔗 Organize links. Keep your important URLs in one place for your members to access

Store info

Getting started is a breeze

Add your member emails

Paste your member's emails into Heylo. They'll receive personal invites, announcements and event reminders by email (even without signing up)

Set up your group for success

Create your first event and icebreaker to get the conversation started

Get the party started!

Ask one of your members to create the first topic and message. They set the tone for the rest of your members to engage!

Frequently asked questions

Our team is dedicated to supporting your group
Is Heylo private to my group?

Yes. Your group gets its own private space on Heylo. Your members must be invited to join or have their join request approved.

Is Heylo free?

Yes! Heylo is free for students. Also, we do not serve ads or sell your data to third-parties. Heylo makes money by charging non-student groups for collecting payments and integrating with other software products.

Are there ads?

No. Heylo will not sell your data or serve unwanted ads in your group.

How do I onboard my members?

Upload your mailing list directly to Heylo, and all of your members will get a personal invitation to join your group. As you add your upcoming events and make announcements, your members will receive emails and can join to RSVP and meet the all the rest of your members.

How much time does it take to get started?

Getting started is super fast! Create and share your first event can be finished in less than a minute.

Do I have to get my members to download a new app?

No. Heylo is designed to work well with and without an app. All of your members can use the Heylo on the web from any computer and get email announcements and event reminders too

How do I convince other leaders on my team?

Start by sharing this site with them and inviting them to a group you have created. Our team is also available to demo and you can reach us at support@heylo.co.

What happens if some members don't join?

Don't worry! Most members join right away. Some take more time but, once you build momentum in Heylo, they will eventually become motivated to join. If you want 100% of your members to benefit from Heylo, you can also add members directly by email address. They do not need to take any action, and will start receiving all of your announcements and upcoming events by email.

Can everyone see my phone number?

No. Unlike other chat apps, Heylo does not share phone numbers or emails with other Heylo users.

How is this different from Facebook, GroupMe, Discord, Slack, etc.?

Heylo is the only group platform that was designed—from the beginning—to bring your members together in person, build real connections with one another, become more engaged, and help your members feel like they belong to your group.

What can group admins do?

As a group admin on Heylo, you have ultimate control over your group. You can delete any message, topic, event, or member.

Can I collect payments?

Yes. You can collect membership dues or charge for events. All payments are subject to standard credit card processing fees from Stripe.

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