Leader Inspiration

Meet the leaders changing lives

Vibe Ride LA

From professional skateboarding to leader, Brandon DesJarlais shares his learnings

Black Men Run Boston

Jeff Davis is changing running in Boston

Emancipated Run Crew

Breaking down barriers for people of colour


Ashley Davies, All Paces, All Faces

Queer Running Society and Seattle Frontrunners

Jake Fedorowski, running toward inclusion

Black Girls Do Run UK

Empowerment on the Run: How Black Girls Do Run UK is Changing Perceptions


Gee Rodriguez leading Team WEPA, from the Streets to the Finish Line

Central Park Track Club

Greg Cass focused on member engagement as president of Central Park Track Club

Run Talk Run

Jess Robson uses running to create space for mental health

LA Skate Hunnies

Jen Yonda is taking LA skating to the next level

Northeast Multisport

From Hockey Player to IronMan: The Inspiring Story of Colin Cook from Northeast Multisport

Midnight Runners

By no means is it easy to lead a community, but I think the thing that has always kept bringing me back over the past three and a half years is the experience I get to help create for other people


Sid Baptista is a runner, leader, and entrepreneur who has been working hard since he started running in 2014 to make the Boston running scene more diverse and inclusive.

Electric Athletic Club

Launching a paid membership actually grew Electric Athletic Club. Here’s what surprised co-founder Josh Goldman the most.

Nth Degree

How Heylo makes the track a welcoming and social space for all runners.

Project 13

How Project 13 Gyms uses collaborative charity to do the most good.

San Francisco Beach Volleyball

A collaborative community launched San Francisco Beach Volleyball, and now paid events hold everyone accountable.