Create a space to organize your group and build community

A growing group has growing responsibilities. Coordinating members, communications, events, payments—it all adds up. Heylo brings it together to help you deliver the best group experience.
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Get organized, together

All of your events and communications come together. Avoid redundant questions and duplicative messages. Everyone gets the information they need.

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Make connections

Your space to build community. Your members can meet, communicate, and support one another.

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Fuel your growth

Offering the best group experience comes with costs; both time and money. Whether it’s donations, memberships, or paid events, collect money for your group seamlessly.

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How it works

Organize your events

Your event details are easily accessible. Collect RSVPs, take attendance, and communicate in real-time with a dedicated event chat. Integrated with email and Instagram, so you can reach everyone.

Recognize your members

Your members join and add their profile. Profiles are private to your group so you can customize with icebreakers. Attendance leaderboards recognize your key members and encourage others to show up.

Streamline your communications

Your chats are organized by event and topic. Join only those interesting to you, and you won’t get unnecessary notifications. Leaders can still reach everyone through a dedicated announcement topic.

How it's different

Your members want to connect but get frustrated with big group chats or social media posts. They disengage.

Heylo is dedicated to one thing: Helping your group achieve its potential.

Heylo works for your whole group, including your members who don’t want to download a new app. With Heylo, everyone can participate the way they like. Your members can stay in the loop by email, on the web, or with the app.

A platform that adds value, not extracts

Other group platforms take from your group by showing ads or charging you to organize. Heylo changes the paradigm by aligning our incentives with yours.

Heylo is free to use and free of ads. Heylo makes money only when helping groups collect money by taking a small percentage.
2 min
Onboarded whole group
“ Onboarding my members to Heylo was super simple. I created a Heylo group and shared the link in our old Whatsapp chat. All my key members joined immediately. It took two minutes. "

Jenni Dubman

Nth Degree
Increase in participation
“ Super user-friendly. There are even some older players—in their 70s—use Heylo without issue! Heylo has made a tremendous impact on how much the group plays—a great thing for everyone. "

Mike Smith

Ragle Beach Volleyball
Collected payments in first year
“ In our first year on Heylo, paid members increased 3x to over 600. We had to set a cap. I can’t believe how seamless Heylo is. "

Steve Finley

Brooklyn Track Club

Frequently asked questions

Who is Heylo for?

Heylo is for groups, clubs, and communities that bring people together. We believe in the power of shared, in-person experiences and want to support the leaders who make them happen.

How does Heylo make money?

Heylo makes money only when helping groups collect funds by taking a small percentage.

How do I get my members to join?

Easy! Your group gets an invite link that you can send to all of your members. Or, simply upload their emails and they’ll receive personalized email invitations from you automatically. If you’re using a different group platform already, just let us know at and we can help you migrate.

Do my members have to install the app?

No. Heylo was designed to meet your members wherever they are. Members can join by email or on the web, and they’ll get all your announcements and upcoming events in their inbox. When they’re ready to get more involved, they can always get the app.

Are payments secure?

Heylo collects payments through Stripe. Stripe is audited by a PCI-certified auditor. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Can I migrate from another platform?

Of course! Get in touch with us via support in the Heylo app or contact us.

How can I contact you?

We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us or send an email to, and one of our team members will respond promptly.

Will I get too many notifications?

With Heylo, you control your notifications. Only get message notifications for chats you join or events you attend. Heylo has no incentive to keep glued to the app.

Does Heylo lock us in?

No. You can export all your members’ emails. If you decide to use a different product for your group, get in touch and we’ll help you take your members with you.

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