Bring your members


Group membership is more than a regular payment.

Plan events safely.

Limit attendance with waitlists. When members RSVP, anyone over the limit is added to a waitlist and automatically notified if a spot opens.

Plan and socialize. Every event gets a dedicated chat to finalize logistics in real-time.

Meet your members.

Private member profiles. Set a profile prompts unique to your group to encourage members to share.

Leadership recognized. Grant titles to your group leaders for the whole group to see.

Organize your chats.

Topics give members a reason to chat. Spark the conversation with new topics. Members interested can join, and no one gets overwhelmed with notifications!

Announcements reach everyone, instantaneously. A dedicated announcement topic for leaders to notify everyone in-app and by email, too.

Hassle-free membership payments.

You're not the payment police. Set your recurring paid membership, and your group's access is automatically limited to paying members.

Self-serve membership. Members manage their payments directly. No time is spent chasing missed payments, cancels, or expired cards.

Heylo pays for itself.

For paid groups, Heylo collects a 10% platform fee and payment processing fees from Stripe. 

Your group is our customer — we don't run ads or steal your data.

At home or on the go, Heylo helps you stay connected with your group.

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