Turn your group into a self-sustaining community

Say goodbye to endless emails and chat messages. And say hey to Heylo – the platform that makes your group sustainable for you and engaging for your members.
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*Yes, Heylo is free! We only make money when you collect payments from members.

You didn’t just “start a group.” You’re building a community.

You’ve brought like-minded people together and have carved out a space in the real world where they feel they belong.

But coordinating members, communications, events, and collecting payments takes precious time (and funds) that you don’t have.

What’s more, there’s no place for your members to connect before and after events without you being the facilitator. And big group chats or social media posts don’t unite your members like they’re supposed to.

We get you. And we’ve got you. 

Introducing Heylo, the community management platform that transforms your in-person group into the thriving, self-sustaining community it truly is.

Heylo gives you everything you need to:

  • Collect waiver signatures
  • Organize event calendar
  • Streamline communications
  • Track attendance
  • and even collect payments (minus the awkward convos)

All wrapped up in a beautiful, branded space for you and your members.

Take the weight off your shoulders

Leading a group is fun but it can get messy! Heylo gives you a private space to run your group smoothly with events, members, and content neatly organized.

Drive true engagement
in your community

Heylo lets your members connect with each other online and off, and manage their memberships, profile, connections, and payment information all by themselves.

Keep your group financially sustainable

Collect dues, event tickets, or donations seamlessly. You can thrive without having awkward conversations or chasing people for money.

What you can do Heylo

Event Calendar

Customize event registrations. Set caps, offer early access, add guests.

Reach all attendees with dedicated event chats and email integrations.

Take attendance and celebrate event milestones.

Member Directory

Customize member profiles with multiple photos and icebreakers.

Collect private info, like emergency contact or address.

Sign waivers, before your event starts.

Streamlined Communications

No more scattered conversations across multiple channels.

Chats are organized by event and topic and members only join the conversations they want.

Reach everyone in real-time with integrated push notifications and emails.


Add a price to an event to collect payment in advance.

Flexible recurring membership options, from monthly to scholarship.

Showcase sponsors and partners with discounts behind a membership paywall.

Plus, Heylo —

Is free to use

No paywall to get started, no usage limits, and no ads. Heylo makes money by only collects a small percentage when you collect payments.

From any device

Members get to choose how they stay connected and in touch. Whether that’s via the web, app, or email.

With you in control

Add your brand and export your members’ info without charge, any time.

Hear why leaders love Heylo

Your members will love you for it

Heylo is so simple and easy to use, your members will thank you for making the transition.

With Heylo you don’t need to confuse your members across a website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, PayPal, Venmo, and an endless stream of emails to stay organized and thriving.
2 min
Onboarded whole group
“ Onboarding my members to Heylo was super simple. I created a Heylo group and shared the link in our old Whatsapp chat. All my key members joined immediately. It took two minutes. "

Jenni Dubman

Nth Degree
Increase in participation
“ Super user-friendly. There are even some older players—in their 70s—use Heylo without issue! Heylo has made a tremendous impact on how much the group plays—a great thing for everyone. "

Mike Smith

Ragle Beach Volleyball
Collected payments in first year
“ In our first year on Heylo, paid members increased 3x to over 600. We had to set a cap. I can’t believe how seamless Heylo is. "

Steve Finley

Brooklyn Track Club
No-show rate
“ Collecting payment in advance of our classes brought our no-show rate down from 50% to Zero. "


San Francisco Beach Volleyball
Increase in member reach
“ Using Heylo instead of Groupme is life changing. Before, the group was noisy and people would mute the group. Now, I can organize the conversations into topics and still reach everyone with events. "

Eddie Vega

Increase in member interaction
“ Not everyone wanted to download an app necessarily, so the fact that Heylo can be utilized on desktop is a huge win for us with our older participants. "

Jess Robson

Run Talk Run
Immediate increase in paid members
" Managing membership was the #1 painpoint. Now there's no leakage in the system. "

Josh Goldman

Electric Athletic Club
Member complaints
" My peeps are loving Heylo. We have great turn outs at runs, and now people know what events are happening where and when. I have not gotten one single complain, zero!


West Volusia
Increase in member engagement
Switching our club to Heylo, even with 50 years of tradition behind us, has been totally worth it. Member engagement has shot up, and we spend less time on administrative tasks like membership renewals.

Greg Cass

Central Park Track Club

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