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Your group is more valuable than ever, and now you have a technology platform on your side.

While groups have never been more important, it's not easy bringing people together in-person. Especially when the internet tools are built by big tech platforms who are incentivized to keep your members online.

Heylo is different. Your group is our customer, and we’re building for the leaders who keep them going.

48% of group members visit their group on Heylo every day

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Organize great events

73% of group members use Heylo to plan upcoming events.

Members show up for great events. Streamline event logistics with caps, waitlists and real-time messaging. Attendance will help you remember names. Build momentum with RSVPs, and relive memories with photo sharing after.

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Offer a modern paid membership

97% of paid members on Heylo retain after 1 month.

Paid membership helps build community. Add a recurring membership, and members can pay when they join, right from their phone. Remove friction by adding free trials and offering multiple payment plans. Payment is self-serve on Heylo, so you don't waste time collecting money.

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Managing members is a breeze

86% of new members on Heylo add a photo to their profile.

When your members join Heylo, it's like having everyone's full contact info right at your fingertips. Your members fill out profiles with their name and photo, and you can ask any icebreaker questions too. Make announcements that reach everyone, or reach out directly all from your phone. Members receive notifications via app and email so they never miss your communications. You can even mitigate your risk with waiver signing too!

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Social features your members love

67% of group members on Heylo socialize each week.

The #1 reason why members stay with a group is the people they meet. Heylo’s social features are custom-built for your group to build a strong community. With group chats organized by topic, announcements and photo sharing, your members can meet other members, get support, and give back to your group.

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Great groups use Heylo, no matter where they are or what they do.

Josh Goldman
Cofounder, Electric Athletic Club
"Our membership payments on Heylo has made my life so much better, but the Heylo platform has really made our members lives' better."
Jenni Dubman
Cofounder, The Nth Degree Athletic Club
"Heylo is the glue that keeps our group together. With Heylo, it still feels like we can be part of our community even when we can’t be in person."
Leader, San Francisco Beach Volleyball
"Heylo has created a 'Win-win' business model. They care about our members. They are only successful if we are successful."
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Your group is our customer.

Our incentives are aligned with your group’s success.

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