Discord vs. Heylo

Discord, tailored for gaming with anonymous chats, contrasts with Heylo's real-world focus, offering authentic community building and leader-centric tools.

Discord vs. Heylo: Choosing the Right Platform for Leaders

Discord, originally a communication platform for online video gamers, emphasizes virtual voice and video chat. Its roots in gaming are evident through features like pseudo-anonymous handles and bot integration. However, for community leaders seeking more than just a chat service, Heylo offers a platform built for leaders from the ground up.

Heylo: A Platform Focused on Community Building

The most fundamental difference between Heylo and Discord is the way members communicate who they are. Members on Heylo use real names and photos vs. the pseudo-anonymous handles and digital images commonly seen on Discord. When you bring people together, it’s fundamental for people to represent who they are in real life instead of an online persona. The way members show up on your platform trickles down through their entire experience with your group - the events they sign up for, the messages they send, and the people they invite. Masking identity is a feature on Discord. On Heylo, however, authenticity is key.

Both Heylo and Discord are available on all devices and use roles to help organize members. While Heylo shares similarities with Discord, such as chats organized by topic or channels, there are additional tools for leaders building community on Heylo that you won’t find on Discord. Heylo goes beyond basic communication, offering tools specifically designed to assist leaders in fostering community.

Tools Tailored for Leaders on Heylo

Waiver Collection: Leaders can collect digital signatures on liability waivers, essential for events involving risk. It's a practical tool for mitigating exposure, and painless on Heylo.

Private Information: Leaders can request and securely store private information from members like phone numbers, addresses, or emergency contacts. They have the option to export their member data into a CSV file.

Event Planning: Heylo's event tools surpass simple RSVP lists. Leaders can integrate event locations with maps, offer multiple registration options, ask registration questions, take attendance, and facilitate conversation in dedicated event chats. Events are integrated with discovery platforms like Instagram, and feedback can be collected post-event.

Robust Member Directory: Member profiles on Heylo are rich with multiple photos and interests in addition to the basic bio. Furthermore, Leaders can add custom profile prompts called icebreakers to spark additional sharing and conversation. Members get sorted by top events attended, leadership, and recency, with the entire directory searchable.

Paid Events and Memberships: Heylo excels in facilitating paid events and memberships. It offers payment collection for events, free trial periods for memberships, and multiple membership options for leaders. Heylo's supporting membership tool is especially useful for leaders seeking to collect funds without the constraints of fixed dues.

Pricing. Discord and Heylo both allow groups and communities to use their platform for free. Discord, however, pushes members to upgrade to a Nitro account and pay Discord a subscription fee, whereas Heylo focuses on helping group leaders make money. Discord recently launched a membership tool that charges 10% of payment volume, whereas Heylo is on average less expensive for high-quality groups at 3.7% + $0.59 per transaction.

Conclusion: Heylo vs. Discord

While Discord has established itself as a robust platform for friends, video games, and pseudo-anonymous communities, Heylo stands out as the go-to choice for leaders dedicated to building community in the real world. With its focus on authenticity, comprehensive tools for event management, and supplemental tools for leaders to bring people together and get paid, Heylo is uniquely equipped to help groups turn into self-sustaining communities.