Bring your events to life

Plan great events

Members love attending well-organized and social events

Get more members to show up

Meet attendees. Members RSVP to see who else is going. With profiles, members can start to learn about each other beforehand, and you get help remembering everyone’s name!

Communicate in real-time. Participants are added to a dedicated event chat to coordinate transportation, answer event-specific questions, or provide a friendly-face to a new member.

Share photos. Share photos in the “Photo” topic chat for your whole group to see! Members can download the images to their phones or share to Instagram directly, creating buzz for your group.

Social events with chat and RSVPs


Of group members interact with events on Heylo before they start

Best-in-class event planning

Tools to help your event run smoothly

Get a hand with planning their next great event

Control event size with caps and waitlists

Maps and Calendar integrations

Attendee check-ins

Collect event payments

Seamless event payments

Collect money and accountability

Case Study: PIONEERS Run Crew

"We absolutely love using Heylo, and the event caps have been super helpful for how we manage group sizes."

Sidney Baptista

Cofounder, PIONEERS Run Crew