November 14, 2023

Customize multiple event registrations

Organizing events just got more fun and flexible with customizable event registrations!

Some events require more than a “Going” response from your members. Now on Heylo you can customize registrations and add multiple registration options for your events!

With custom registrations for your events on Heylo, leaders can tailor how their members sign up for the event. Event hosts can detail the action that is applicable to the culture of the group. Whether you're a coach who needs athletes to "commit" rather than merely "sign-up," or a hike leader who wants to specify start times – Heylo has you covered.

Furthermore, you can add multiple registrations to organize members in advance. Group leaders can set as many different registrations as they would like, and members can select the one that best fits them. It helps the leader of a hiking club, for example, plan a hike with multiple routes, or the brunch club leader arranging inside and outside tables.

Here are a few of the benefits of custom registrations:

  • Customize text so your members don’t just say they are going… they can be joining the “3 mile hike,” “Workout A,” or “Just spectating”!
  • Add a description to make it easier for members to understand what the registration actually means. Describe the menu, for example, or share the benefits of the after-party.
  • Make registrations visible to others in the group, so other members know who’s participating in what in advance.

Well-run events are well prepared. Collecting critical information in advance helps hosts get organized and ultimately create better experiences for their members.

Lastly, and importantly, adding multiple custom registrations does not mean more adding more complications. Like all events on Heylo, your event still has just one link and one chat for your members to join.