April 24, 2024

Event Registration Caps

Set a maximum number of attendees for a registration to ensure you never exceed your venue capacity or your planning expectations.

Events on Heylo can have multiple registrations, and now hosts can add a participant cap for each registration. Once people register and the cap is hit, the registration automatically closes.

A host can also close any event registration, but hosts often need to close the registration when a maximum number of people attended. Previously, hosts carefully watched registrations and tried to match closing with registrations. But leaders are too busy for that!

Now, hosts can set a registration cap, and the registration will automatically close when the cap is reached. Host can publish their event and rest assured if that if they only have space for 20 people in a registration, no more than 20 can register.

Caps can be set across multiple event registrations as well. For example, if you’re event has a $50 Early Entry registration and $75 General, you can use a cap to limit entry to the first 20 registrations. Or, if you prefer to not have a waitlist and just want to limit attendance, you can set a cap.

To set a cap for your event registration, create an event and head over to registrations. Tap the default “Going”, and toggle on the cap. That’s it! Caps can be added to existing events, or edited anytime after an event is published. Registration caps are separate from an event waitlist where a total max participants can be set and a waitlist can be added.

Maintaining control is paramount to the success of your event. Heylo gives leaders controls to host the events that matter most.