March 12, 2024

Event milestone cards

Celebrate member event attendance with event milestone cards on Heylo

Remember showing up to a group event for the first time? It can feel intimidating. Now we can celebrate the members who overcome the hurdles and join your event.

Heylo will help you celebrate your members event milestones. When they attend for the first time, they unlock a digital celebratory card cementing their first event. It’s branded with your group’s logo and accessible right from on Heylo for easy downloading or sharing to their socials!

Check-in to 10 events, and your members can get another unique card celebrating their 10th event milestone. It is unique to them and also equally as shareable.

Milestone cards come with no cost to leaders. Cards are generated automatically by Heylo, so there’s no need to spend hours crafting designs in front of your computer. And they delivered just as your event ends and the milestone is unlocked ensuring a seamless and timely celebration.

For your members to receive their milestone cards:

  1. Attend your group events!
  2. Check-in on Heylo
  3. Complete the milestone event
  4. Head over to your group tab on Heylo and access their milestone card

At Heylo, we’re committed to enhancing the sense of community and belonging within your group. Milestone cards are more than just digital acknowledgments; they’re a tool to help your members feel valued and recognized. They also serve as a powerful motivator for your members to share their experiences and achievements with their friends and followers, further amplifying your group to new prospects.

Let’s make every event not just a gathering, but a celebration of community, achievement, and shared journeys. Welcome to the next level of group engagement with Heylo’s Milestone Cards – where showing up is celebrated, and every member feels like they belong.