June 13, 2023

Extending events beyond your group

At Heylo, our mission is to bring people together, and we're thrilled to announce three major upgrades events so hosting and attending is event more seamless and enjoyable!

Grow your group with Google Event Search

Google Event Search surfaces events on the most trafficked platform in the world. Now you can bring your events to Google Events with Heylo! With Heylo, your events automatically generate a dedicated landing web page that appears on Google. Prospective members can discover and learn more about your event, and easily join via Heylo on the web. As always, you have the ultimate control. There’s a new event permission setting allowing you to keep events exclusive to members or require prospects to join your group beforehand.

Host events beyond your members

Heylo events can extend beyond your members. Just like another event platform, you can invite non members to sign up for your event without joining your group. They still can sign your waiver and get access to all the beauty of your event on Heylo, like event chat! It’s perfect for bigger events that you want to promote beyond your group.

Want to invite non-members to your events? Now you can! Similar to other event platforms, Heylo enables you to invite individuals outside of your group to sign up for your events without joining your group. They can still complete waivers and access all the event features, including event chat! Heylo events are the perfect way to kick-off larger events with your group members, and extend your reach beyond!


Now you can separate navigation directions from specific event location notes! Provide precise navigation details, such as directions, and then add contextual information about the meeting spot or important landmarks as a separate line. This enhancement eliminates confusion for new members and reduces duplicate questions for the host.

We strive for Heylo to be the the best place on earth to grow your group and build your community.