November 16, 2023

Fee flexibility

Leaders now have the power to decide who covers the fees for your paid event on Heylo. Tailor your group's financial model to meet the needs and culture of your group.

If payments were collected on Eventbrite previously, your members will thank you. Heylo service fees are over $1 cheaper than Eventbrite! If payments were collected on Venmo or another ACH platform, you can promote your event at the same price and offer members the option to pay however they choose.

Members benefit tremendously from payments on Heylo. Payments can be completed directly within Heylo via the mobile app or web. Members can choose from Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any major credit card, just like any other modern service. Detailed payment histories, easy-to-download receipts, and one-click checkout for future payments are a delight for members.

Here’s how to pass fees to members for your next paid event:

  • Create a paid event for $100, for example
  • Toggle “Absorb fee” to member
  • When a member pays for the event, they service fees + $100
  • You receive $100 net payout

For members who prefer traditional payment methods like Venmo, cash or check, group leaders can easily accommodate their preferences in Heylo without an impact to net payouts. Leaders can simply can adjust their price upon sign up. No matter what, your payments on Heylo stay smooth and hassle-free.