February 14, 2024

Introducing Heylo AI for Event Cover Photos

Heylo AI is a tool to help leaders handle administrative tasks, starting with event cover photos.

When we started Heylo, our goal was to build technology that helped leaders bring people together. We were worried that too many tech companies were building products that disconnected people, and no one was working to support groups and their leaders. We wanted to be the counterforce - a technology team dedicated to helping leaders who bring people together in real life.

Event cover photos are an event’s first impression. They are critical to setting the tone of the event. Yet as I looked at my own group on Heylo, many of the event photos were bland and difficult to procure. I had to switch to Google the name of the event and select a photo from a slate of boring options. Yet another task for leaders.

Now Heylo AI can generate a unique photo for your event. It’s a photo that no one has ever seen before, custom-built for your event. It is designed to be uplifting, attractive, and enticing for your members to join. And it’s built right in to your event creation flow, so you don’t have to jump across apps to get a great photo.

To create your photo, Heylo AI not only uses the name of the event, but it also provides relevant, anonymized information from your group to improve the image quality. Now here’s the same event cover photo using Heylo AI:

To give it a try, create a new event and select “generate.” It takes a few seconds, and you can continue editing your event while it works. When ready, you can check out your event cover photo and use it or delete it forever.

Event cover images are the first tool for leaders using Heylo AI. More tools are on the way!