July 20, 2023

No platform fee on summer paid events!

Go big with paid events this summer! We're pleased to announce that all paid events on Heylo will be platform fee-free for the remainder of July and August.

Paid events give hosts the resources to go above and beyond. The extra budget can help get better food, photography, or a dedicated space. Plus, paid events reduce no-shows and help hold everyone accountable.

Heylo handles the worst part of paid events… collecting money! On Heylo, payment is collected in advance and paid out directly to you. No one likes being hassled for Venmos or tracking which attendees have paid. With Heylo, simply link your bank account, set your ticket price and timing, and Heylo collects money for you and deposits it into your bank account automatically, every Friday, net of fees. Host your event exclusively for your members or open to the public. Either way, you only need one link to share, and everyone can connect and communicate in Heylo’s event chat, by web or mobile app. The cash you receive is all yours!

Here’s how groups are already using paid events on Heylo:

  • Midnight Runners Toronto hosts party runs in addition to weekly run programming. The money helps them book better venues and purchase speakers for the group.
  • San Francisco Beach Volleyball hosts paid volleyball tournaments and clinics. They use the money to buy lunch for their volunteer coaches.
  • WVR hosts paid challenges and pays out winnings to successful participants.
  • Brooklyn Track Club offers strength training and yoga classes. Money is reinvested back into the club and it’s future youth program.

Make a bigger impact for your members by hosting your first paid event! Tell us how it went by sharing to Instagram and tagging @heylo_co.

Terms for platform fee free summer:

  • Any event between 12:00am on July 18, 2023 through 12:00am on August 31, 2023 PT is platform fee free
  • Paid events still have payment processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30. We can offer platform fee-free events, but unfortunately we all still have to pay processing fees to Stripe, our payment processor