November 30, 2023

Poll: Do you want polls in Heylo?

Now you can add a poll to any chat!

Polls provide instant group feedback. Whether you are planning an event or looking for some advice, you can create a poll in Heylo to gauge the preferences and get insights from your group members.

Target your audience

Polls on Heylo live in chat, and chats are organized by category. The poll creator can choose their audience by selecting the appropriate chat. Because Heylo has chats organized by topic and event, the poll creator can select which chat to add the poll and target only people in that chat. Of course, there’s the ability for admins to reach everyone as well via announcements.

With polls, you can:

  • Make an announcement. Find a good date that works best for the whole group and add a poll as an announcement
  • Seek feedback. Get specific feedback after an event and add a poll to an event chat
  • Learn about a benefit. Add a poll to a benefit chat and learn from people who are most interested in the benefit.
  • Keep it private. Share a poll in a private topic, like Admin chat, to only get responses from private topic participants.

Get started in a tap

You can create your poll and get feedback instantaneously:

1. To set up a poll, head to the appropriate chat and press the “poll” icon.

2. Add your question.

3. Add a few options for your members to select.

4. Hit 'Send' to make it live.

5. Receive real-time notifications for each response. Note: Responders will not be notified.

6. Access live results that are visible to everyone in the chat.

Send your first poll

Polls can ultimately help you get insights into the group and how to organize everyone. Polls not only streamline decision-making but also offer valuable insights to improve group dynamics.

Get started in a tap, and let us know what you think!