October 20, 2023

Lower service fees for payments

We're thrilled to announce that our payment service fee is now cut from 10% to 3.7% + $0.59 USD per transaction!

Initially Heylo’s 10% platform fee was inspired by creator platforms like Substack. We liked the model because it aligned our incentives - we only get paid when groups get paid.

However, we now realize that group leaders deliver significantly more value than a typical online content creator. Members are willing to invest more than just a few dollars a month to belong to a community that brings people together and creates so much value. As groups raised prices on Heylo, our fee structure didn’t scale with them.

That's why we're cutting our platform fees to 3.7%, while adding a nominal $0.59 per transaction. If you're collecting $10 or more per transaction, Heylo fees are less for you.

Our revamped pricing model will not only add more money for your group, but it also paves the way for Heylo to support more payment types in the future like one-time donations and merchandise sales.

If you already use Heylo payments, there is no action required for you. Fee updates will go into effect for any future payments on or after October 19, 2023.

By reducing our platform fees, we can help more groups become financially sustainable and bring their members together on Heylo. Payments on Heylo transforms groups for the better — check out Heylo for your payments today!