August 28, 2023

Private Topics: For Confidential Conversations on Heylo

In the past, Heylo only supported public topics, limiting the ability to communicate privately within a group. While this setup was great for open discussions, it made planning surprise events or holding more personal conversations a challenge.

Recognizing the need for more secure and exclusive discussions, Heylo now supports both public and private topics!

What Are Private Topics?

Private topics function as invite-only conversations within your groups. They are hidden from view unless you've received an invitation, ensuring that sensitive information stays confidential. Once you're invited, these topics appear on your topic screen for convenient access. Importantly, new members added to a private topic will not be able to see the chat history.

Kickstart with Admin Chat!

To get you started, we've introduced an 'Admin Chat' as your first private topic. All group administrators are automatically added to this topic, simplifying the process of integrating new admins into essential conversations. With Heylo managing this for you, there's no need to stress about getting new admins up to speed.

Why Choose Private Topics?

Take your leadership discussions, surprise birthday plans, and confidential communications to the next level with private topics on Heylo.