September 25, 2023

Roles organize and empower your group

Old platforms treat groups as monocultures. They designate leaders as “admin” and members as “everyone else.” They fail to recognize that diverse contributions actually make a community thrive and should be celebrated.

Heylo is changing that. Now, leaders on Heylo can go beyond “admin” and use roles to organize, incentivize, and empower their groups.

Unlock your group’s potential with roles

Use roles to grant access or controls to certain members your group.

With roles, leaders can:

  • Streamline administration. Assign group permissions by role and delegate tasks like creating events, topics, or benefits.
  • Grant exclusive access. Create a VIP role to offer exclusive topics or benefits with discount codes. Give co-leaders a dedicated private topic to communicate and plan.
  • Recognize contributors. Display roles on member profiles and designate unique icons for each role.
  • Boost membership revenue. Link membership plans to roles, giving paid members exclusive perks.

Roles in action

Leaders are using roles to disseminate information, manage co-leaders, and reward contributors.

  • Central Park Track Club uses roles to sort members and help connect them in topics, like Track, or Masters.
  • LA Skate Hunnies uses roles to reward volunteers with membership benefits and exclusive events.
  • The Early Birds uses roles to reward paid members with exclusive access to partner discount codes.
  • Midnight Runners uses roles to celebrate attendance on members’ profiles.

How roles work

  • Create a Role: Create a role with a name, icon and description
  • Add access. Use the role to grant access to topics, events, and benefits.
  • Grant permissions. Give the role controls over managing the group.
  • Assign Members: Add members to the role.

Roles are flexible. Add members any time, and adjust access and permissions as the needs of your group change.

Roles help you scale

As you continue to grow your group, access can be managed by role. New topics, events, and benefits can be all limited by roles. Furthermore, new roles can support new initiatives. Use a role to help kick-start a new event series, or build a welcoming committee.

Roles are designed to be easy to add and manage. One tap adds members to a role and grants them all the role attributes instantaneously. Another tap removes a member from the role and the reverse applies.

Financial sustainability with roles

Roles can incentivize supporting memberships by offering exclusive perks. Use roles to encourage more members to contribute financially to the group.

Roles are designed to be flexible and only limited by your creativity. Use roles to get the support you need to lead the group of your dreams!