September 8, 2023

Benefits showcase your group's perks and partners

Showcase all the benefits your group has to offer!

Introducing the all-new "Benefits" tab: a dedicated space to display your group’s partners, playlists, and merch. Benefits showcase some of the many values your group can offer. For every benefit, you have the liberty to display its features, share a direct link, and even present a special discount code for your members!

What makes this feature even more engaging? Each benefit now comes with its own dedicated chat. The benefit becomes an interactive environment where members can convene. Whether it’s sharing photos, product reviews or asking questions, the benefit chat keeps the benefit relevant over time and help members get more out of your group benefits.

You've invested time and effort into understanding what resonates with your members. You've even gone the extra mile to provide them with exclusive discounts. Now, it's time to spotlight these special perks prominently on the benefits tab!