January 16, 2021

We're now taking event attendance, and here are the surprising benefits

We knew event attendance would help with contact tracing if there was ever a COVID issue. But we didn't realize all the benefits after we gave it a try ourselves!

Event check-ins and attendance are now live on Heylo, and here is why we're using it for our groups:

Name recollection. Having a face and bio from a member's profile on Heylo helps remember everyone's name! If you see someone and can't remember their name, there's a good shot they are on the RSVP list -- most members RSVP in advance!

New member welcomes. During the excitement of starting an event, it may be easy to miss a new member. Taking attendance forces you to say hi to everyone, even the new folks. And it's a great way to add anyone new to Heylo so they can get connected with your group.

Event safety. While we all want safe events, if there is an issue, having an accurate list of attendees can help you follow-up appropriately. Beyond contact tracing for COVID, an accurate list can be helpful if there are other issues reported after the event as well.

It really is fast! On Heylo, your attendance list is pre-populated with everyone who RSVP'd for your event. Most commonly, just check the box next to a name as opposed to typing into your phone. We checked off 20 names in less than a minute!

Paid member confirmations. No one wants to be the payment police! If you have a paid membership on Heylo, mark an unpaid member in attendance, and they'll receive an automated notification reminder from Heylo to complete their payment info.

Streaks and other fun follow-ons. Have you heard of Snap streaks? How about consecutive running streaks? Streaks create habits, and habits lead to consistency. Start tracking event attendance and Heylo will be able to help track progress against goals for your members!